Our Mission

We believe in a world where knowledge is power. Where anyone in the world who has a desire to learn, deserves the opportunity. Education represents a chance at a better life and better opportunities. We want to empower anyone in the world with the tools and resources to discover their learning abilities, and the joy that comes with lifelong learning.

The Problem

Myth of the "Normal Brain"

"There is no such standard for the human brain. Search as you might, there is no brain that has been pickled in a jar in the basement of the Smithsonian Museum or the National Institute of Health or elsewhere in the world that represents the standard to which all other human brains must be compared.

-Thomas Armstrong, PhD

Source: https://journalofethics.ama-assn.org/article/myth-normal-brain-embracing-neurodiversity/2015-04

Why is it important?

Assistive technology

  • Globally, more than 1 billion people need 1 or more assistive products.
  • With an aging global population and a rise in non communicable diseases, more than 2 billion people will need at least 1 assistive product by 2030, with many older people needing 2 or more.
  • Today, only 1 in 10 people in need have access to assistive products.


Source: World Health Organization https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/assistive-technology

Education and literacy

  • The literacy rate for adults with disabilities is 3%. For women with disabilities the literacy rate is even lower, at 1%.
  • Worldwide, there are still more than 150 million children ages 3 to 5 who do not have access to pre-primary education, including more than 80% of children in low-income countries.
  • 274 million primary school children worldwide are not learning basic foundational skills necessary to lead productive and healthy lives.
  • Globally, two-thirds of children - 68% or 262 million out of 387 million - are in school and will reach the last grade of primary but will not achieve minimum proficiency levels in reading. About 60% or 137 million adolescents are in school but not learning.


Source Global Partnership for Educational Data https://www.globalpartnership.org/data-and-results/education-data


To help illustrate what problem I’m hoping to solve, I would like to share with you a story from my perspective as a student who was diagnosed with a learning disability.


I was diagnosed with ADHD while attending my third year in college so I turned to technology to look for answers. This is when I discovered some audio recordings of the course lectures that I was able to listen to instead of reviewing my unorganized notes.


That was a day I will never forget. For the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed learning. Not only did I enjoy it, I found that I was able to listen to these lectures at sometimes 4x the regular speed. I compare it to being Neo in the Matrix, when he enters the training simulation with Morpheus by plugging that thing into his neck and then he magically learns KungFu. Suddenly my "learning disability" turned into a learning ability. I couldn’t get enough. I began to search the internet for audio and video that I could control the rate of play, and finally learned how to learn.


Learning to learn might sound strange to some people but this was a game changer for me. It opened the doors to a successful technical career, professional experience, and relationships that I don’t believe would have been possible for me otherwise.


I believe that I am just one person out of millions across the world who was lucky enough to have access to the technology and resources that empowered me to change my life for the better.


I want to empower anyone in the world with the tools and resources to discover their learning abilities and the joy that comes with lifelong learning.


Tyler Fox

Read4Me.io | Founder

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Pledge to help those with learning differences and empower accelerated learning technologies. Read4Me.io is currently partnering with non-profit organizations and like-minded humans that want to be part of a lasting change in education and productivity. Please reach out to us if this sounds like something that you would like to be a part of. Thank You.

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